Eslam BAKR was born in Cairo, Egypt. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, in 2017 and his Master of Science degree in Engineering from Cairo University in 2022. Upon graduating in 2017, he started working as an R&D algorithm engineer at Valeo, developing deep learning algorithms related to autonomous driving applications, resulting in his first patent. Besides working at Valeo, he started pursuing his master’s degree in 2019. He left Valeo in 2022 and was honored as a top inventor at the Cairo site. Currently, he is a P.h.D. student at KAUST.


[NEWS!] Our VALUE paper is accepted to NeurIPS 2022 (Look Around and Refer: 2D Synthetic Semantics Knowledge Distillation for 3D Visual Grounding).
[NEWS!] Start the journey of pursuing P.h.D at KAUST.
[NEWS!] Our paper “EMCA: Efficient Multiscale Channel Attention Module” is accepted to IEEE Access 2022!
[NEWS!] I successfully defended my Bachelor’s Dissertation. Thanks to the committee and everyone who has helped me along the Bachelor’s journey!
[06/2021] Two papers accepted to NeurIPS workshop 2021! Topics include (1) Channel Attention and (2) MTL-Transformer.
[01/2020] Honored as a top inventor in Valeo, Cairo site.